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The Wiley Coyotes

Welcome to the web page of the Wiley Coyotes. We're a group of shooters that are dedicated to the Cowboy way. we are now a SASS affiliated club. We are located in north west New Jersey a few miles from Hacketstown. We shoot the third Sunday of the month from April thru December (please check the schedule for any changes, October, November, December are on the 2nd Sunday). New shooters are always welcome.


Wiley Coyotes Cowboy Shoot

We are a group of shooters dedicated to the ways of the old west. This means we use firearms typical of the old west era (1860-1899). This consists of Single Action pistols (fixed or adjustable sights), lever action rifles in pistol caliber and side by side or pre 1899 lever action or pump shotguns.The unique thing about our sport is the authentic period costumes (1866-1899 or "Hollywood Western" wear) and the use of an alias and character you will be known by. Come out and take a look and see if it doesn't look like the set of Tombstone. A lot of our members enjoy the authentic look as much as they enjoy shooting, but if you have a pair of boots, jeans and long sleeve work shirt and a cowboy hat your on your way. 

This is a live fire sport, so as such our first concern is SAFETY. Our targets are metal reactive targets so eye and ear protection must be worn by everyone on the range at all times. All new shooters will buddy up with one of our members for their first shoot and subsequent shoots if needed.

Our required safety meeting starts at 9:45 and the shoot starts at 10:00 am and the fee for the shoot is 10.00

Our second concern is FUN , we are all here to have fun, but make no mistake, this is a competitive sport with shooters around the world and major matches seen on TV. It's all about the Cowboy Way and feeling young at heart. Do you remember your pearl (plastic) handled capguns, your trusty steed and your first Red Rider BB gun? That's what this is all about, whether you want to ride with the Lone Ranger or Paladin or compete with the best, everyones welcome and encouraged to be whoever they want to be.


Johnny Swan

Aka.  John Seal

SASS #50322




2019 Schedule

April 21

May 19

June 16

July 21

August 18

September 15

october 13 Second Sunday

November 10 Second Sunday

December 8 Second Sunday weather permitting 

please note that we have moved to the 3rd Sunday

sign in starts at 9am

required safety meeting at 9:45

match starts at 10:00 am